I’m Johanna Sawalha

Executive Coach

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In person, or via Zoom video
– Full or half day

Goal Setting

How would you feel like something that’s been stuck for years, would get unstuck?

Stress Management

How would you feel like banging out the entire strategy and get the exact next steps to take to reach your goal?

Career Advice

What would it be like for you if everything just moved – your money, your idea, your career, your quality of life…?

About Me

As a coach for over 25 years, I’ve been around since before a coach was called a “coach.” What I was doing (and still do) is ignite fires in powerhouse people.

With particular expertise in coaching C-level professionals, building entrepreneurial companies, career building, and transitions, I give you the permission and then I give you the plan. Every step, all the structure, and consistent accountability.

I’ve been called a “hard ass” and it may be the sweetest thing anyone’s ever said to me.

After returning to Sweden in 2015, I have retained my US and international clients, as well as leading executive coaching programs New York institutions: The Woodhull Institute for Ethical Leadership, The Learning Annex, and SoHo House.

Prior to this, I was Senior Vice President at a New York-based coaching firm and teaching at MIT, Stanford Business School, AOL, Sony, and Conde Nast. My clients range from high-level executives at Blackstone Investment Group to the Hollywood movie industry.

VIP Day Testimonial

¨For The First Time in 6 Years I Don’t Hate Christmas

Having a VIP day with Jo has helped to deal with all the ugly truths from the past that came flooding back after I lost my husband of 18 years, my childhood sweetheart whom I met when I was 14 years old

Julia (click to read more)

That’s Your VIP Day

A turbo charge into your future!

If you’re telling yourself the following, the VIP Day is for you:

• "I want things to MOVE – I’m done being in a holding pattern!"
• "I feel confused – I don’t know where to start. "
•"I’m trying to get started, but I can’t tell what’s more or less important. "
• "I know I need a team, but I don’t know how to create an effective one. "
• “If I have a strategy, I follow it! I just need to know what to do. “
• “I can’t keep going this way – the more I grow, the more work I’m creating for myself. I’m exhausted.”
• “I need help capitalizing on what I’m really, really good at, and make money off it! And I want to do that not later, but now.”

Johanna Sawalha

Executive Coach

“Muse and Rainmaker, Creating Rock Stars”

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