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A Note from Jo Here’s the truth… There isn’t a world leader that doesn’t have an advisor. That’s because the most successful people know that there are mentors whose skills and experience can help ignite your purpose and create a plan to get you where you want to go faster and with more intention and focus. Whether it’s career transition, more effective communication, leadership development, or even that thing you can’t fully articulate (just yet). Clearly define the scope of your vision. Create a roadmap that activates your mission. Confidently execute the steps to support your purpose. It’s not just about shifting your mindset or reprogramming your thoughts. It’s about combining inspiration with a strategy for real results. This partnership helps eliminate the stressors, negativity, and trigger points that keep you stuck, and creates a customized plan for your dreams and goals. I have your back every step of the way. (Plus, we’ll make sure that making balance isn’t just a buzzword, but a real, tangible thing.) You don’t have to go sit on a mountaintop to find your purpose. You don’t have to leave your current job tomorrow to start creating change. With keen insight and instinct, I get inside your situation with focused, high-aiming goals coupled with a doable roadmap to make it happen.

Johanna Sawalha

Executive Coach

“Muse and Rainmaker, Creating Rock Stars”

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