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As a leader in your work and life, you often feel like this…

  • You’re strong-willed and your successful attitude is what makes you successful but it also leaves you without the time or structure to fully define and implement the balance you’ve been seeking. Balance really must just be a buzzword, you think.
  • You find yourself spending all your time pleasing the higher-ups, cleaning up other people’s messes, and you look around how you can find someone to be that committed to you and your goals and dreams.
  • You feel distracted and muddy about the right next steps for you. Having a successful career, being present for your kids, and battling the endless to-do list doesn’t always leave you with the time or energy to create a plan for you.

You’re looking for that wing woman to be your honest confidant when you exit the boardroom and tackle the important aspects of your career and life.

You know change doesn’t happen overnight so you want someone to invest in you so you actualize your fullest potential, activate change, and hold you accountable to make sure it happens.

Welcome to The 1 on 1 Intensive Program

Effectively gain the tools and strategies to master your life and career – with clarity, focus, and guidance.

This year-long program is designed for people who want to turbocharge change in their lives.

You will end the year with a new sense of what you can accomplish and a greater sense of wholeness and well-being.

And you will have my consistent contact and rigorous accountability to propel you forward every step of the way.

“Deciding to have a coach is always a tough decision. After all, we all think we have it nailed and given the time it will all come together, right? Maybe so, but this definitely speeds up the process. Since starting work with my coach, I have taken my business from $500,000 P/A in revenue to over $3,000,000 and climbing. Was it worth it? You bet.” – James Mansfield, President, and founder of West Village Contracting, NYC

How We Work

  • Intake Session – during this 90-minute session, we will assess your current lifestyle, habits, and structures. We’ll identify what’s working and what’s holding you back. You will leave this session with an immediate plan of action that creates movement. Together, we define your initial goals and explore your most heartfelt desires.
  • 1:1 Coaching Sessions – each month, we connect for 2 sessions to get crystal clear on over what you’ve been implementing that’s creating change, where you need more focus, and what’s not serving you.
  • You will learn how to use powerful tools to fight resistance so you make movement towards your goals.


  • Personal Cliff Notes and Assignments – after each session you will receive key points that reinforce the salient points. I strongly encourage you to keep a notebook of our sessions so you can refer back to them.
  • The assignments help you go deeper into your growth. The homework helps illuminate important points and expedites personal expansion.


  • Email and Text Support – during our time together, you have access to me via email and text (Monday – Friday). This extra support is important when you’re working on eliminating sabotaging behavior or creating a new habit.
  • Cultivating awareness is a big job and so there’s a need for real-time support when you are trying to change patterns.
  • Temperature Call – This 15-minute will deal with what is coming up and help problem solve obstacles.
  • The check-in will help you stay on track with your goals.

These personalized sessions are where you master how to re-write your theories and uncover the self-limiting thinking and beliefs that are thwarting you.

I’ll help you shine a light on your sabotaging traits and I will teach you how to flip them so they become points of growth and evolution.

There’s Power in Self-Awareness


You might think of being self-aware as perhaps a New Age term or discount it at first. I get it. But, in fact, the more time you take on getting clear about who you are, your strengths and areas of growth, how you communicate these qualities, and the way you respond, the stronger leader you will be in your career and in life.

Being able to gain feedback and see yourself objectively is a must for anyone serious about wanting to live a life rich and full of success and happiness. Period. And there simply aren’t enough people doing it.

This also helps you make a more accurate assessment of others, whether it’s a boss, colleague, business opportunity – even your spouse or friends.

Together, we will keep what’s working, ditch the rest, and formulate better ways to respond rather than react while utilizing your strengths.

The result?

More abundant, productive relationships, honesty about your growth and actual measurable change.

Here’s the honest truth about coaching: your coach has to be spectacular and you have to be ready for the experience.

If you…

Want to stay in the status quo or not ready to challenge your belief systems, and not ready to get clarity and steps towards building the life you truly want, then this might not be for you. And that’s ok.

But if you are reading this, I have a feeling you do want those things.

My Promise To You

  • I won’t fail you, not a single time. Our work together is completely customized and specific to you and your goals. And there’s zero fluff.
  • I will be tough, but gentle. We are digging deeper than your mindset. We are taking all that awareness and turning it into actionable steps.
  • I will hold you accountable. One of the cornerstones to success is support. This is an often overlooked, but crucial factor. You have me every step of the way.

All you need to bring is an open mind and commitment to growth.

“I doubled my salary for the first time two years ago, and am about to double it again along with getting stock options and other benefits, inside of my current negotiations to become an exec with a multi-billion dollar IT company! This extraordinary money and career movement is all thanks to Johanna.”


IT Exec (due to sensitivity around contract negotiations, this exec must remain anonymous)

Your time in the 1 on 1 Program eliminates that feeling of letting another month or year go by where you don’t dive deep into your life and connect the dots of your experiences.

Instead, you will gain a deeper understanding of your life and a significant shift in your experience of your personal power. You will be supported as you practice shifting your mindset and adopt new habits.

You will feel more in control as your life moves forward towards your dreams. This powerful personal odyssey leads you to claim your most fulfilled, impactful self.

You really do only live once. Let’s ignite your purpose together.


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