You know what’s crucial for success? I’ll tell you what, and without which I would not have been able to build a successful online, virtual business – that allows me to work from anywhere when I want!

Clarity_being 100% clear on where you’re heading. So many times in my life, I wanted to be ¨just successful¨ but I didn’t know what questions to ask myself. Asking the right questions would have led me to my calling to be a coach faster, for sure!

Mentorship_there really are experts that have gone before me – who’ve done what I want to be doing. Those are the people I want to learn from … I have mentors and coaches for everything. Any time I want to learn something new, I pick an expert in that field that I jell with.

Community_ any time I’ve gone it alone, I’ve failed. When I’m part of a community or have a good team around me – I win. Simple as that.

Myself, I really did go from trying all kinds of profession and feeling lost, to landing where I belong, and it felt so good to find it… All 3 components I mentioned above were in place though when I discovered my calling as a coach.

My Black Friday offer to you has all 3 of those components included. Today only:

$1 to join my new membership site!

(Reg. $24.95/month)

You get the whole first month for one dollar, and experience the specific guidance needed to gain clarity around your mission. You also get my 25+ years of coaching experience with the success strategies you need – as well as a community to support and hold you to account!

Here’s what’s included:

√          New goal settings techniques – that make you actually meet your goals

√          Easy tracking systems you’ll actually use

√          Research based tools to enhance your creativity

√          New ways to identify and use your strengths to reach your goal

√          A process of creating a great team around you even when you can’t afford hiring people

√          Documentation provided – all the written expert material you will need

√          An accountability and buddy system that won’t let you fail

√          A weekly live Q & A with me, Coach Jo handling any specific issues that come up as it relates to your goal

√          Evaluation tools, feedback structures, and endless inspo to keep you going!

– 2020 is the year to make it all happen!

Sign up here!

P.S. You’ve got to think about the cost of doing nothing. Signing up today will make you happy – today J! – because it ensures you go into 2020 ready to rock it!!