Things are really heating up and I’m THRILLED for what I’m able to offer you this week – all for free! Today, Lindsey’s master class on spiritual awakening begins and you can catch my interview on Friday the 21st! This is the first step to having everything you want, you need to be walking your RIGHT path, not the one you think is right or the one that will bring you money.

Also, below, you’ll see a message from my friend and co-hort Jessica. This event on Thursday, you do NOT want to miss. Do whatever you must to be there. This IS how you bring money into your life. Read on:


I’m SO excited to tell you about this . . . my friends and I are doing a live stream on wealth consciousness this Thursday!

I’m so lucky to have these three power houses with me:

Corrina Steward                                                                                                                Sacha Sterling
Johanna Sawalha

Lately, you’ve seen me doing numerous interviews and trainings on Abundance and Money Mindset. That’s because I have an important message I want you to receive and understand. And that message is this:

Everything you need to manifest the abundance YOU desire is already inside of you!

Here’s the thing ..once you truly understand the powerful Laws of Attraction, and how to use those laws to create real momentum behind your goals…THAT is when you become unstoppable.

That is when abundance flows, in whatever area you desire – love, career, health, and yes…money!

It all comes from the same place…within!

You just need to know how to tap into your innate power and use it to your advantage.

I’ll tell you exactly how to do that during this live stream I’m co-creating with 3 of my coaching friends.

Here’s what you can expect during our 3-hour conversation:

Each of us will speak about our individual success formulas for abundance thinking and exactly how you can create the wealth YOU desire.
You’ll walk away with inspirational tools, as well as practical strategies you can apply immediately.

It’s not JUST about sitting in meditation waiting for things to happen!

We’ll break it down for you during this livestream.

Sign up here >>> 

I suggest you mark your calendar right now. Set a reminder on your phone! You don’t want to miss it!

Thursday Sept 20th at 12:00 pm Pacific/ 3:00pm Eastern we will be streaming this presentation LIVE, with abundance for YOU!


Wait! Before you go, say this with me right now …

Money is the easiest thing to come by!”

Because guess what, it is! Let us share with you why and how.

Come join me and my friends LIVE. There is no replay.¨




Love always,