One day away from the wealth consciousness live stream you’re about to enjoy, you’ll hear from Master Coach Sacha – the last but not least of my 3 friends and fellow coaches on Thursday’s Live Stream!

Here’s what Sacha has to say about it:

¨What is it to be wealthy?

Is it a certain amount of ‘stuff’ you own?

How much money you have or make?

To me real wealth is peace of mind, unshakable self trust and permission to own my vision and take action on it everyday!

Being an entrepreneur these last 10 years has been a learning curve (to say the least) specifically exposing my need for security.

Through many ups and downs in the game of life and business I have learned the most important lesson of all…

What really matters – People!

Once my focal point shifted off of what was in it for me and onto the difference I am here to make for others, everything opened up and I became the wealthiest woman alive.

I’m so excited to announce a special three-hour training with three of my most successful friends; Corrina Steward, Jessica Perez-Beebe and our host of this event, Johanna Sawalha (a.k.a Coach Jo), who I’ll be joining to share the exact strategies for having wealth consciousness in building our businesses!

If you’re ready to break through the glass ceiling of who you think you can be, what you think you can have, wealth wise, and to make it happen just by hanging out with my friends and me—be there!

This livestream event is going to be amazing! You’ll come away with never-before-shared strategies for how to tap into your own wealth consciousness — and knowing just how possible it is to make amazing money doing what you love! Sign up here

Remember, You Matter!


I’ve loved presenting these women’s ¨voices¨ over the past few days in this emails to you – and now you get to see and hear them live! xoxo, Jo

PS. Join me today Wednesday at 8.00 AM ET on my Facebook Live where I’ll tell you more about it!