You know how you sometimes feel you know someone just by seeing their picture? Or from a few exchanges online? That’s how I felt with Christine Heart Savage, a fabulous expert in the line-up of speakers for the Wealth Spirit Masterclass. She came highly recommended, and that’s why I reached out and asked her to be a part.

It’s a curious thing this. I often joke that I’m in the North Pole! Meaning, going from being a New Yorker most of my adult life, to moving back to my country of birth, Sweden, in order for our children to know their grandparents while still alive and well, and their ample gaggle of cousins! I most always have run my business virtually, but my cyber relationships have taken on a whole new meaning since our move 4 years ago.

Therefore, it’s remarkable to meet someone like Christine, whose gravitas and warmth reaches you through the ether 🙂 ….

With love, Jo – From the North Pole

PS. We’re launching tomorrow, so make sure you sign up today!