Another message from my friend and colleague Soulwealth Coach Corrina – you really DON’T want miss Thursday’s Live Stream and what she’ll have to share with you.

Here’s Corrina:

¨Hi all!

I’m SO excited to tell you about this . . . my friends and I are doing a live stream on wealth consciousness this Thursday!

I’ll be diving deep with 3 of my close colleagues Jessica Perez-Beebe, Sacha Sterling & Johanna Sawalha on shifting your thoughts to an abundant mindset so you can create wealth more easily.

We’ll be sharing our secrets to manifesting abundance and the exact steps that you can take to successfully create wealth. 

Looking back I can see where I was SO wrong in my thinking about what actually creates abundance.  I’m going to let you in on my mistakes and how to not wait as long as I did to actually what is YOURS – your soul’s abundance!

JOIN US this Thursday Sept 20th at 12:00 pm Pacific/ 3:00pm Eastern I will be streaming LIVE!

Infinite abundance,


P.S. This is the ONLY time we will be doing this live so make sure you make the time for your soul’s abundance.  Otherwise, you’ll miss out! 

Rule #1 to manifesting your abundance is to show up for it…>>JOIN US HERE¨

Super excited for this you guys!