Because you’re an entrepreneur or you think like one, then you know that sometimes, despite all efforts, something’s still missing…

Despite all your hard work, you still feel like you could get FARTHER, FASTER. You want to figure out how to get some wind in your sails.  You also have a sneaky suspicion that the people who’ve made it big have  a mindset that you don’t. You see them make a bigger difference, and create total time, financial, and lifestyle freedom – something you ALSO want.

They do have a different mindset. Want to find out what it is?

This is your chance to hear from them directly. 

I’m so excited to announce a special three-hour training with three of my most successful friends; Corrina Steward, Jessica Perez-Beebe and Sacha Sterling, who will join me to share the exact strategies for having wealth consciousness in building our businesses!

Typically, you’d have to be in my inner circle to learn these strategies that are making these ladies 6-7 figure incomes MONTHLY.

But when you join us on Thursday, September 20th, at 12-3 pm PST (3-6 PM ET), you’ll get to be part of that inner circle and hang out with Corrina, Jessica, Sacha, and me! We’re doing a livestream where we will pull back the curtain so YOU can hear us discussing the breakthrough ideas we usually only talk about with other. You’ll see how we keep making it easier and easier to quickly generate crazy money doing what we love! All spirit generated. All from a mindset of generosity, abundance and service.

You’ve already got the same drive and dreams as the people who are living exactly the lives they want. Now you’ll have their same plan for total freedom.

All you need to do is join us for this free online event on wealth consciousness and you will have the same information that millionaires and billionaires have!

If you’re ready to break through the glass ceiling of what you think you can have, wealth wise, and to make it happen just by hanging out with my friends and me—be there!



P.S. This livestream event is going to be amazing! You’ll come away with never-before-shared strategies for how to tap into your own wealth consciousness    —and knowing just how easy it is to make amazing money doing what you love! 

Grab your spot now!