9 Tips to Get on Track for a Successful Fall

Can you believe we’re almost halfway through June? It’s crazy, right? If you haven’t figured out what you want out for the last quarter of 2019 – now is the time. Are you running around in different directions not getting anywhere? Don’t worry! Here are 9 tips to get...

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You have ONE month to make it all happen!

Hi! June’s already upon us and ‘Spring Semester of 2019’ is closing! Time flies, doesn’t it? We all know how easy it is to procrastinate. We all do it. I do it too. But with the right tools you can set your goals before the kids go back to school mid-August…! Now’s...

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Want to know the secret to abundance?

:  Want to know the secret to abundance …? If so, you have to go on this ride with me. You can do it right now. As you read this letter, keep checking in with yourself – after each paragraph – if you’re still open. Like, ¨am I still open to that this is possible in my...

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How do you undervalue yourself?

In the group this week, we're exploring the EXTENT to which we UNDERVALUE ourselves! I'm polling everyone to see how bad it is. If you too want to take this poll, apply to be let into the closed group here where the poll is: ...

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Want to know how I did it?

Want to know how I’ve stayed in business for more than 25 years? Doing what I love? Owning my own time? Scheduling my work around the super important things in life? Seeing my kids’ performances? Being there for them when they need me? All the while making more than...

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Monday Monday!

Morning peeps - I've been a BIT like Garfield on Mondays for the past 2-3 weeks, staring at the screen, wondering what to start my week with ... Now - I'll write my newsletter today and tomorrow, to go out tomorrow Tuesday. I'll post it here as soon as I'm done - and...

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Do You Have Any Of These 5 Money Troubles?

Seriously, do you have any of these five money troubles? You don't see a path to making more money in your current situation ...More money seems to be going out than coming in …When you invest in your business, the large one-time amount takes such a CHUNK out of your...

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! Launching Tomorrow Feb 26th!

You know how you sometimes feel you know someone just by seeing their picture? Or from a few exchanges online? That’s how I felt with Christine Heart Savage, a fabulous expert in the line-up of speakers for the Wealth Spirit Masterclass. She came highly recommended,...

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Wealth Spirit Masterclass Launching!

In this the interview series, The Wealth Spirit MasterClass: Discover the Connection That Creates Wealth, impressive experts are featured – who’ve built success and wealth not in spite, but probably because the difficulties they’ve faced! They’re sharing their...

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I’ve worked hard for my happiness!

Once in high school, a particularly moody teenage schoolmate walked up to me and said (referring to me), ¨No one can possibly be that happy all the time. ¨ My heart dropped. Was I doing something wrong? Was a sunny disposition a flaw? Strange thing was, I didn’t see...

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Not sure what to give for Christmas?

Give your people the gift of their future. Some people look forward to a new year. Some dread it. They dread it will be same old. They're afraid to make new year's promises, because the don't want to break them. Again.  Instead of a thing. Instead of ¨stuff¨....

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