Monday Monday!

Morning peeps - I've been a BIT like Garfield on Mondays for the past 2-3 weeks, staring at the screen, wondering what to start my week with ... Now - I'll write my newsletter today and tomorrow, to go out tomorrow Tuesday. I'll post it here as soon as I'm done - and...

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Do You Have Any Of These 5 Money Troubles?

Seriously, do you have any of these five money troubles? You don't see a path to making more money in your current situation ...More money seems to be going out than coming in …When you invest in your business, the large one-time amount takes such a CHUNK out of your...

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! Launching Tomorrow Feb 26th!

You know how you sometimes feel you know someone just by seeing their picture? Or from a few exchanges online? That’s how I felt with Christine Heart Savage, a fabulous expert in the line-up of speakers for the Wealth Spirit Masterclass. She came highly recommended,...

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Wealth Spirit Masterclass Launching!

In this the interview series, The Wealth Spirit MasterClass: Discover the Connection That Creates Wealth, impressive experts are featured – who’ve built success and wealth not in spite, but probably because the difficulties they’ve faced! They’re sharing their...

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I’ve worked hard for my happiness!

Once in high school, a particularly moody teenage schoolmate walked up to me and said (referring to me), ¨No one can possibly be that happy all the time. ¨ My heart dropped. Was I doing something wrong? Was a sunny disposition a flaw? Strange thing was, I didn’t see...

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iFix Friday @ 8.00 AM ET – on tomorrow Dec 14!

¨iFix Friday¨ Live is back on tomorrow! 8.00 AM ET. It’s an opportunity to come workshop whatever you’re dealing with. Right now, we’re focusing on - the holidays. They can make you feel great or not, either way, they’re a rollercoaster. But now you've got to sign up...

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Not sure what to give for Christmas?

Give your people the gift of their future. Some people look forward to a new year. Some dread it. They dread it will be same old. They're afraid to make new year's promises, because the don't want to break them. Again.  Instead of a thing. Instead of ¨stuff¨....

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Power of Focus Webinar coming up this month!

The Power of Focus Webinar is coming up this month! Sunday Oct 21st at 10.00 AM PT/1 PM ET What To Expect On The Power of Focus Webinar… Here’s my promise to you – when it comes to being able to focus, you’re going to discover exactly how to 1) get productive over...

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