I’ve worked hard for my happiness!

Once in high school, a particularly moody teenage schoolmate walked up to me and said (referring to me), ¨No one can possibly be that happy all the time. ¨ My heart dropped. Was I doing something wrong? Was a sunny disposition a flaw? Strange thing was, I didn’t see...

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Not sure what to give for Christmas?

Give your people the gift of their future. Some people look forward to a new year. Some dread it. They dread it will be same old. They're afraid to make new year's promises, because the don't want to break them. Again.  Instead of a thing. Instead of ¨stuff¨....

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How To Look And Feel Like A Million…!

You know what people say to me when I say I once struggled with being fat? ¨Noooo…you’ve never struggled with your weight! ¨ And I think, ¨how do YOU know that? ¨ I don’t look ¨the part¨…? Truth is, I used to wake up and pray to God every day that if only I could lose...

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