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About me


Executive Coach Jo Sawalha

Find your purpose

As a coach for over 25 years, I’ve ignited fires in powerhouse people around the world. My clients range from high-level executives at investment companies to politicians and the Hollywood movie industry. With expertise in coaching C-level professionals, building entrepreneurial companies, developing careers, and aiding in transitions, I can provide the tools, plan, accountability, and support that will lead to massive change.

I have lead executive coaching programs at New York institutions, including The Woodhull Institute for Ethical Leadership, The Learning Annex, SoHo House, and Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, Texas, as well as internationally at the Stockholm School of Economics.

My coach is spectacular. She practices what she preaches and believes wholeheartedly in what she teaches.

She had follow-through and really believes in her clients and what they are creating. It has been a brilliant partnership working with her on not only my career, but my life!”
– Lora Krulak

25 years experience

Prior to starting my company, I was Senior Vice President at a New York-based coaching firm. As part of my job, I taught at MIT, Stanford Business School, AOL, Sony, and Conde Nast. I was the writer of a weekly column focused on the global analysis of world trends for Modern Economy magazine.

Featured clients in NYC include Blackstone and The Port Authority, and in San Antonio, Texas, The Media Justice League, Turner Holdings, San Antonio Sports, and VentureLab.