October 26, 2021 Jo

I Want My Business to Go Green! Where Do I Start?

Let’s talk about what it means to “Go Green”.

In recent decades, doing the right thing has become hugely popular. Customers know it, and businesses do to. During Pride month we see businesses put a rainbow on just about everything. Some companies post vegan dishes on their social media althroughout “Veganuary”, and all of last year, major brands claimed to back the BLM movement. Supporting a good cause can definitely impress your customers and make them feel good about choosing you.

Right now, it is immensely popular to have a sustainable agenda or to “go green”. So you might have asked yourself “what can I do for my business to go green?” That’s not a bad thing. No one will deny that minding the climate and its rapid change for the worse, is something that concerns us all. It’s good to do something about it. But remember that it’s very easy to fall prey to “the thing to do” in our current trends. What you don’t want to do is to “green wash”. That means that you claim to do great things for the environment because it looks good on paper, while you actually do more harm than good.

What you need to do to go green

If you want your business to go green, you need to have your own “why”, your own reasons to take your business “green,” and be clear on what level of commitment you’ll have in the matter. Tending to it will go in your long-term investment in your business bucket. Your long-term and short-term buckets need to be balanced, or you won’t have cash flow.

If you give an interview, you don’t want to be one of those company owners who have a green strategy just because you’re supposed to, but instead have crafted your own, eloquent answer for why you’re upping your commitment to go green.

When it comes to actionable steps, environmentally conscious special interest groups and government agencies often provide free web-based resources to businesses. You could also get recommendations from your network if any of them have worked with a green business consultant. They should be able to provide you with the information you need.


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