August 23, 2021 Jo

How to Avoid Burnout

In this tumultuous, 24/7 culture, burnout is on the rise. An old myth is that it only happens to mentally weak people. People who are lazy and can’t muster much work at all. This couldn’t be any further from the truth. Burnout can happen to anyone who has been under stress for a long period of time. It happens to CEOs, teachers, lawyers, full-time parents, you name it.

Stress is not just caused by work, but social pressures as well. Every time we check our phones (which, on average, Americans do 262 times per day) we are met with angry social media posts, news about a dying world and other disasters.

The symptoms of burnout include but are not limited to: chronic fatigue, insomnia, psychosomatic pain, irritability, depression, and anger. The long-lasting effects can be completely devastating.

The last year has been more stressful for some of us. While some had the opportunity to slow down, others had to work twice as hard. Working parents had to work from home while also serving as teachers for their children. It’s been crazy!

So How Can I Avoid Burnout?

So how can you, as a hardworking person with lots of ambition and passion for your job, avoid burnout without going down to working part-time?

The answer is self-care.

You need to look after your mental well-being and there are other ways of doing that than just hot bubble baths and getting your nails done.

That’s why I’m happy to give away a free guide: The Top Seven Self Care Practices of Coach Jo. Here I share the best self-care practices of leaders.

Self-care doesn’t just reduce stress and the risk of burning out. It also helps you succeed in your mission to be successful in what you do. The secret is to come at it from being the hub, not the spoke, of the wheel.

So what are you waiting for? Download it here!