June 17, 2021 Jo

Still Not Online? Time to Pivot Your Business! This is How!

If you have a business and it only exists in a physical format, it is definitely time to pivot. Whether you sell a physical product, you teach classes or you provide a service, there are ways to transform your business to exist online. The pandemic might be on its way out but people have changed how they live their lives. More people have moved from the cities into smaller towns and more rural areas, online courses and shopping has become the norm. We are definitely becoming more “home-based”.

So if you have a manual business where you manufacture things. Anything you sell there you can sell online. And if it requires you to be there in person, then you have Intellectual Property to sell. There are many people in the world who want to do what you do. Let’s say that you work at a creative storefront place that teaches ceramics classes. Not only can you easily teach that online, but you are also the carrier of some very valuable knowledge here. A lot of people want to know how to run a shop. There are a lot of aspects to what you know, not just the profession itself.

Now is the time to pivot your business

This way, you can expand your target group and gain a bigger customer base. You can go from only catering to, let’s say, women 35-65 to both men and women age 25-65. Now is the time to really sit down and ask yourself: What are your secrets? What is your special sauce? What more can you offer the world that not just anyone can offer?

While the Delta variant is still keeping us somewhat sheltered in our homes (depending on where in the world you are!) This might be a good time to get creative, to research, to learn, to study and to package your offering.

If you want more tips on how to pivot your business, get in touch! Send me an email!