June 7, 2021 Jo

How to Relieve Work Stress: When in Doubt, Focus Out!

Solopreneurs, this blog post is really for you if you want to know how to relieve work stress.

Right now, you might be finding yourself writing copy for your website, or shooting a video for your brand, and you have no idea how it is landing in the world. If you’re just starting up a new business, and you don’t have a team yet, you might lack the statistics to know how your efforts are perceived by the world.

What’s worse is that even when you ask others for feedback, they aren’t always telling you the truth. That can make things tricky for you and make it hard to know how to get to the next level with your business. Once you’re in that place of self-doubt and feeling stuck, you need to get out.

I can feel like this sometimes. I just go into myself and I don’t know what’s up or down. And it can be de-motivating. You can start telling yourself that what you do doesn’t matter. It can tempt you to give up on your business and on your dream.

But don’t let it!

Don’t get stuck! This is how you relieve work stress

Because you have identified a product or service that is actually helping people. So you need to keep building.

That’s why I want to share a quote about this. “When in doubt, focus out.”

When you feel like your offering isn’t reaching your audience, you need to get out of your head by all means necessary. There is so much you can do to feel better mentally, like exercise and a healthy diet (don’t forget to hydrate!) But the best way of getting out of your own head, is to talk to a trusted friend. Somene who you know will provide you with honest feedback. Unload, spill your guts out and let them give you their perspective.

Because when you start noticing that you are going around in circles in your head, you really don’t want to be stuck in that loop. So communicate! I’ve written about over communication before, but if you want more ways of getting out of your head, let me know!