May 25, 2021 Jo

Did You Lose Your Freedom? Here’s How it Can Affect Your Business

One of the things that can happen as you build your business is an overload of responsibility. It makes sense; your business takes off and suddenly there is a lot more to do, while you still haven’t ‘tipped’ the business enough to hire more people. And that can make you feel heavier and more stressed, whereas before, you were excited and full of inspiration. It gets you down. It can affect your family and even your business!

Because what attracted people to your brand was that you were free. A base need for a human (and not least a business person) is feeling free.

So when people ask me what I provide, other than strategy and inspiration and network tool and resources, I say I provide freedom. If you are holding 100 bags, I say “hand me half of them”. The bags I can hold are to make sure that your bottom line is still intact. That you’re spending less than you’re making and open up your space when it becomes closed down. I have ways to open them up because I need it myself.

Look at the bigger picture

Some ways I do that:
I look at the bigger picture. Everyone needs to have a bigger vision for their life and business that they can constantly live into. How do we know it’s big enough? If you can’t reach it within your lifetime, then it’s big enough. When you go back and revisit your vision document, you get reinspired. You just have to remember why you started the business in the first place. Because once your career becomes all about the tasks you have to carry out and the boxes you need to tick you are so far away from your original vision. It’s not speaking to you like it once was.

You need to keep that vision alive, or you will get progressively down and blue.

I know that bosses sometimes get a bad rap. People say they don’t like their bosses. Sometimes bosses aren’t behaving well. Maybe they just lost their freedom and vision because their brainchild grew and became a chore.

If you’re feeling a loss of freedom you’re basically experiencing an unmet need. We know we have to eat, sleep, exercise and have love in our lives. And to not be free is the worst punishment to humans.

If you got your freedom back, you’d get the joy about your business back. So make sure you do. Freedom is a wonderful thing.