May 10, 2021 Jo

When Stress Kills Your Business: This is How You Get Present

Bills, appointments, deals, relationships, kids’ homework. It is not always easy to stay calm and collected when life gets just a little bit too much. Stress is something we all suffer from occasionally.

Stress is not only a buzz kill. It’s a business killer too.

When you’re stressed, you aren’t present. People sense it. You seem desperate. Your eyes dart around the room, you forget people’s names, and no one wants to do business with someone like that. Your potential client wants to feel focused on. So when you’re stressed and you are about to close a deal, you need to get yourself present!

In these moments it is vital to be able to crowd out everything and everyone but your lead. So how do we do it?

There are the obvious things we can do, like removing all visual and noisy distractions, putting our phones on silent and turning off the notifications on the computer or whatever device you are using to communicate. Then there are other little hacks like having a rubber band around your wrist and whenever you are losing concentration, you snap yourself.

But sometimes you have just got to get yourself present. You have to get back. So I want to remind you of this:
What getting present does, it shows you that all is well.

The stress will subside

When you get present, when you are talking to that person, when you are writing that email to speak to new potential clients, all is well. In that moment, there is nothing else happening. And nothing is wrong. You are not dealing with bills in that moment, the future or the past. Just the present.

Once you get yourself present, and you are able to move from moment to moment in that way, the stress will not get to you in the same way anymore. It will not compound to the point that it disrupts your business activities. Knowing that all is well will reduce the stress and prevent you from doing counterproductive things like drinking or procrastinating.

Find comfort in knowing that the moment you make that phone call, or write that email, you will be escorted to a happy place where all is well and nothing can hurt you.

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