May 4, 2021 Jo

On Aging: Why the Best is Still to Come

Today I want to talk to you about aging. Wrinkles, stiff bodies, awkward noises when we sit down. It’s something that is inevitable, yet society treats it as a crime. I don’t mind aging because my mother once told me that women only get better with age (Thanks, mom!)

And I believe that’s true. I mean, look at all the amazing female business leaders out there – Pam Alabaster, Kristina Kloberdanz, Esther Speck, to name a few. Ruth Bader Ginsberg, God bless her soul. Despite agism being rife in the workplace for women over 40, countless women are still out there, showing their worth and proving the agists wrong.

Still, it’s easy to fall victim to your own insecurities that may come with age, or other people’s perception of it. “Am I too old to…” NO! stop right there. You are not too old, to start a new business, get a new degree, etc. There are a plethora of women (and men) who have started new careers and become extremely successful later in life.

Aging and Mindset

It’s all about mindset. If those insecurities affect you, I believe that you need to reverse your mindset and give yourself a new context for aging. Otherwise, you could be stopping short. There are so many positive things that come with getting older: You don’t have to worry about childcare anymore, you become wiser and less gullible, you become more comfortable and sure of who you really are.

The best is yet to come, believe me.

As we age, we gain wisdom and learn how to avoid the mistakes we would have made when we were younger. We become more experienced and better at what we do. Aging should be celebrated both for men and women, because after all, what is the alternative?

I actually have a list of awesome people who have achieved success at certain ages. Let me know if you want it!