April 19, 2021 Jo

Inspiration – Why You Shouldn’t Do Anything Without It

Today I want to talk about inspiration. It’s that spark you need to create art, to go for your dreams, or simply to do your best every day. What would the world be without inspiration? And what would the work we do be without it? Some claim they don’t need it, but maybe they’re not aware of how much is actually out there to inspire us subconsciously.

I don’t waste any time when I want to feel inspired, I have my go-to places for quotes, authors, pictures and more. I can’t re-invent the wheel. I can’t just sit there and wonder about what is going to inspire me next. And that is why I want to tell you the following: If you do ONE thing today, make sure it’s an inspo-folder. A happy place on your phone, cloud or laptop where you can go whenever you’re feeling down, bored or “meh”. Trust me, it will do wonders for your productivity! You can put anything in there that inspires you; TedTalks, pictures, role models, texts, music, films, poems.

Say No To Uninspired Work

A mistake that many people do is that they go straight for doing without taking a moment to be inspired first. It’s so easy to just charge ahead and not experience that moment of inspiration. But the downside of that is that your work might have an intensity to it that doesn’t work in your favour. It might come off as if you’re trying to the project done ASAP. It might not be noticeable to you, but it will be to others.

So don’t start on your task list without a bit of mental prepwork first! Go out and get those quotes, those books, films, songs, TedTalks and whatelse makes your spirit come alive. You might go out for a walk and find that nature inspires you. It can literally be anything. Feel free to drop me a line if you want to know what I keep in my inspo-file!