March 29, 2021 Jo

Do You Want to Know How to Close 7-figure Deals?

A massive THANK YOU to everyone who attended the webinar on How to Close Deals Remotely! In case you missed it, we went through the vital steps of how to:

  • Close deals remotely – How to build a connection and trust;
  • Shift our communication style to fit online business – When to overcommunicate with a hot lead;
  • Develop our career while in quarantine – How to focus and on what;
  • Keep our stress levels down while in quarantine – What to do and which apps to use;
  • Prioritize and work on the right things – What questions to ask and more.

Now, if you missed it, I’ve got some good news! I’ve just launched a course which puts all of these subjects under a magnifying glass. My course How to Close Deals Remotely will take you out of this horrible quarantine bubble and help you gain control over you business and career. It’s on sale for $350.


If you didn’t have the chance to attend the webinar, I hope you can join us the next time!