March 24, 2021 Jo

How to Close Deals Remotely: What is a Relationship?

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Business is all about relationships. No one goes out and signs a deal with someone they don’t trust. But what is a relationship?

Think of a friend you have. How did that friendship form? Was there something about them that enticed or interested you from the start? I remember when I first formed a connection with a person who is now someone I consider a close friend. We had met through a shared interest and she seemed nice, so I suggested we’d go for coffee. On the day of our coffee date, I checked myself in the mirror one extra time before I went out. I didn’t obsess about my looks as if it were a “date date”, but I still wanted my exterior to match my interior, first impressions and all.

At the restaurant, I was upbeat, fun, attentive and interested in what she had to say. I didn’t shower her with information about myself, I didn’t go out of my way trying to convince her to be my friend, it happened naturally. In the early stages, I made sure that the information I shared about myself was limited but enticing. In subsequent meetings we gradually built trust by sharing more information, keeping promises and respecting each others’ boundaries.

I can’t stress this enough – forming relationships will seal deals, acting weird in tie won’t. It’s worth repeating: People make deals with people they like and trust. Now: Going for a coffee date isn’t an option at the moment. But the good news is that you don’t even have you leave your bedroom in order to connect with a lead.

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