March 22, 2021 Jo

Closing the Deal: How to Get Clients During a Financial Crisis

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If you run a business, it is likely that you have struggled during the last year. No one could foresee the pandemic and now we’re all in the same boat.

Right now your potential clients might be nervous and reluctant to spend money. Just like you, they have concerns about the future, the economy and all the uncertainties surrounding the current situation.

But here’s the good news: Your offerings provide value to your potential customers’ lives. That value has not decreased during financial hardships. This is the time for people to invest in their personal development, their health and future. You created your business with quality in mind, with the goal of adding value to other people’s lives, right? Your would-be customers are actually in need of your offerings. And you know they have the money, the trick is just to get them over the worry-hump.

Communication skills are invaluable – now more than ever

The answer lies in communication; you need to introduce your potential customers to the long game. Right now the people who would normally line up to pay for your service are experiencing tunnel vision. They can’t see past next week, or next month and are unlikely to throw themselves into the void. You need to help them see beyond the horizon. Because one day all this will be over, and before we know it, it will be 2022, the streets, schools and offices will fill up and social distancing will be a distant memory.

This is the perfect time for your customers to invest in themselves. The seeds they sow now will bear fruit then, later, when everything gets going again. You need to highlight that this is the perfect preparatory time to gear up for a future launch.

Believe in your products or services. They were created with your potential client in mind. Hardships will come along the way and sometimes you will have to vouch for your offerings even louder. Now is the time to see the value in them and how they will ultimately transform your customers’ lives.