March 19, 2021 Jo

To Close the Deal: Look and Sound Good on Camera – 5 Essentials

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I hope we can go back to normal soon. By that I mean I hope we get to hug loved ones and throw big parties. What I don’t need to go back to “normal” is how we work and connect with leads. The world was in need of flexibility before and it will continue to be in need of flexibility next year too. So this is my, and many other’s prediction: After lockdown is over and the pandemic has ended, we will ditch the long commutes and stay connected online. The pandemic has shown us how doable meetings are over Zoom and Skype and how the physical distance doesn’t need to take anything away from the connection you’re making.

You just need a little bit of practice to get the Zoom call right:

  1. TOOLS 

    If you have a good quality smartphone, you don’t need to worry about getting the most expensive webcam on the market. But there are three things you need to get right when it comes to tools: Picture, sound and connection. The latter is the most important. There shouldn’t be any glitches or frozen screens, so always make connection a priority!


    Unless you plan to intimidate or assert yourself over your client (not always a good idea, unless you’re a dictator) you should not be looking down at your camera. Position the cam so that it is right in front of your face. That gives it the most natural feel, as if the lead or client is sitting opposite you.


    Appearance is more than just checking that you don’t have spinach between your teeth before you turn your camera on. You need to learn how to control your face so that it doesn’t look angry or crazy once you get talking. Of course, as we are all passionate about what we do, we get very excited and that is ok. We are not robots. But if the sound should disappear and the lead or client can only see you talking, you can seem angry if you don’t know how to control your face.


    You will notice that being on camera can put pressure on you, which might cause you to use more fillers. I am guilty of this too! Mind your ‘ums’, ‘errrs’ and ‘likes’. There are a lot of great vocal coaches who can help you with this. However, the easiest way to solves this problem is to…


    If you’re not sure of how you will come off on camera – film yourself first. You will be surprised how different you can come off on camera, and you want to make sure to really finesse how you talk, look and the vibes you give off!