March 19, 2021 Jo

The Horse and Cart of Deal-Making

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The service you provide may be excellent – groundbreaking even! But without an established connection, you will not close many deals. Can you connect with a lead without leaving your house? The answer is yes.

Not being able to meet a client face to face for lunch does not have to be the end of your contract. In fact, to many of the clients that I’ve had over the last 30 years, I have solely been “the voice”. It’s not where you connect that decides whether someone likes and trusts you, it’s how.

The world is changing but our desire to connect remains the same. We just do it over phones, pads and laptops these days. The digital revolution has given us more ways of reaching out. Social media has given us an ocean of leads and the opportunity to reach out to them and make a connection. Email and LinkedIn messages have given us less intrusive and more subtle ways of getting noticed and into a lead’s good book.

The Horse and Cart of deal-making is…

There is therefore no reason why you should skip the connection part and go straight for selling! Not even when someone comes to your first and wants to work with you, or buy from you.

When it comes to your business, you need to know what is the horse and what is the cart.
The horse is the relationship. The cart is the deal. People do deals with people they like, trust and respect.

The back-and-forth of trust-building still needs to happen. In fact, if I’d put a percentage on it, I’d say that you need to put 80% into your communication, showing them that you are there for them and what you would do for them. And  20% into closing the deal. The deal is the natural fall-out of the trust you have built.

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