March 8, 2021 Jo

Do This Three Times Per Week to Boost Your Concentration

I have been discussing mental health a lot recently, but today I want to put emphasis on the importance of physical health and exercise. It’s one of those things you know is good for you, but you just don’t do it because you’re building a business. We’ve all been there. You’re an entrepreneur, you’re a mom-preneur. You have the kids. You have the business – you have all these things to tend to and exercise keeps getting bumped off your schedule.

Last year I went to a lecture by neuroscientist Anders Hansen who is also a lecturer and a professor in Stockholm. He has a book out called “Hjärnstark”, which is translated as “The Real Happy Pill”.  He said that with magnetic cameras they can measure the brain after exercising. It’s actually cardiovascular exercise that makes the biggest difference although I think women need to lift weights just for osteoporosis and other things.
He said the cardiovascular exercise can improve your concentration, memory and productivity but depending on the individual, between ten and sixty per cent – that is a lot and it also makes you more stress-tolerant – in this day
and age of stress – and also your personal stress, whatever you are dealing with. That’s a big deal and it makes you go dumb.

You don’t need a lot to make a difference

It’s really hard to think well when you’re stressed out and most people seem to feel stressed all the time so those were his arguments for exercising because the motivation that you’ll just feel better – it’s not enough if you can really drill down why and what it does to you.

I think that really will make a difference. It does for me if I get down to the specifics. So 45 minutes, three times a week of raising your pulse. And here’s the best part: He says everything counts – all of it counts. It didn’t necessarily say it wasn’t cumulative but we can assert that right? Why not? So if you take the stairs instead of the elevator, if you
just step up the pace with which you walk, there are all these little things that really make a difference
as long as you raise your pulse.

And I know that sometimes it’s part of what I do with my clients. I just hold them to account and that makes a difference to write someone who actually asks “did you do it?” and then reinforces why it’s good for you so I could talk endlessly about this. Because I do exercise but I want you to know that if we measured you any given week of what you got done, even when you put in that exercise you would get more done – you would, so it takes a bit of a shift but it’s SO doable!