February 8, 2021 Jo

Day-to-Day Activities and Prioritizing

Do you struggle with prioritizing day-to-day activities? When there’s a million and one things to do each day, it’s easy to get caught up trying to do them all at once. I remember some 20 years ago when my then roommate who worked at a bank was working from home at the same time as me.

I would sit there in my home office as always, and she was home one day working and she saw how I just jetted around; flying up and down from my seat to get coffee, go to the printer etc.

Where she’d been sitting calmly working away at her computer, she looked at me and she said: “You know, the way you were rushing today from task to task or up and down from your chair. You’d think you ran IBM!”

And I just took a moment and thought “she’s right.”
I was acting as if everything was on fire and I was operating like that all the time, so that led me to really re-evaluate how I went about my day – and after 20 years of doing it I’ve kind of been perfecting the way I go about my day so it’s productive.

What Are the Big Threes?

The best part about my working day is: It’s relaxed – but effective and efficient and I get things done and I still feel like I have energy left over for my family. One of the first things I do is identify what I call my Big Threes.

Any normal person can really only get three big things done in a day. The three big things are really things that move the needle; three big tasks, three big conversations, three big somethings that make a big difference for your business. And if you get those done, you’ll be so proud and feel like you had a good day. Anything else you do after that is a bonus. That also means that you start with those big threes.

It can be scheduling a few interviews, either the ones that you want to go on or people you want to interview for your own company or let’s say your podcast but they are things that actually make a difference long-term
or it really could be those sales calls.

Five sales calls, right? It’s one of your big threes. That will take you all day if you do those three things I just gave you as an example.

Prioritizing leaves room for everything else

Anything else is gravy after that. That also shows you which of the things on your list are a priority. A part of your big three will probably have to be something that’s time-sensitive. If it’s due this week or tomorrow, that needs to be one of your big three.

You want prioririze the hardest ones. Once those are done you’ll feel free, proud and happy. So that’s how I went from actually building a good business, that might not be IBM yet, but it’s certainly better than when I was acting like I ran IBM but really wasn’t. I think I was just doing things. So if you are catching yourself doing busy work or working all day, but not knowing what you got done? Stop. Identify your big three things you’re going to take on tomorrow, do them, and you will feel productive, accomplished.
And in reality, you will have moved the needle in your company and your business.

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