January 25, 2021 Jo

Talking About Sales…

Let’s talk sales! At the beginning when you’re building a business, you’re usually on your own. You are the face of your business and people are buying into YOU, investing in YOU. They trust that you will take them ¨there¨. They trust that you’re going to provide them with what they didn’t have before. Therefore, being able to accurately represent your product or service, i.e. sales, is crucial.

I see too many of you get deflated the minute you’re supposed to talk about your business or what you provide. You know you have a great product or service, you know you can take your client from where they are to where they need to be, but what comes out of your mouth is just not as good as the service.

It is worth mentioning a million times over: People do business with other people that they like, trust and respect. And they need to feel that way about you whether it’s through a camera, in person or via the phone. In some ways, you really want to look at sales as you’re a representative of something. You’re not a person for the job, you’re the person.

You’re Not Asking For Handouts

Bragging about what you can do might feel awkward if you’re naturally a coy or humble person. You might feel like people will shy away from you if they’re feeling like you’re trying to sell them something. You don’t want to be “pushy”. But let’s get one thing straight: you’re not begging. You’re not asking for a handout, are you? You are asking for compensation for a service you provide, so this is not free money. You’ll be working hard for that money and you’ll provide very good value. This is something that they need.

But it takes practice to talk sales in a relaxed way if you’re not comfortable with it.
So start practising speaking about what you do. You need daily sales practices so that you feel that you’re in the groove of it. It’s about providing something for the lead that’s going to make their life and business better.

You are speaking about your service or product in a way that the customer, if you do your job right here, hears and understands what it is that you provide and if it is a good prospect, they will buy from you because it fits what they’re looking for. And if you explained it well then someone for whom it’s not a fit will also respond and that makes it easier for the both of you, because frankly, you want to have a clear yes or a clear no. People being confused about your product or service is what you don’t want so get to it!