January 18, 2021 Jo

This is How Business Owners Will Make Money in 2021

Let’s start with the good news: The world is still here and so are you.
Now the bad: “normal” is still a long way away. We simply can’t expect to go back to how things were in 2019 just because 2020 is over. So what do we do? We adapt! Your business will still make money in 2021 and this is how:

Look at your existing business.
Which of your offerings do people need right now?
Which of your offerings need a tweak?
Which of your other skills can come in handy in 2021?

What you need to take into account right now is that many people are in need of help. They wanna make money too! Can you offer them any help, guidance or expertise?

For example, can you teach other entrepreneurs how to use their hardware or software?
Soft skills are actually more important than ever. If you are a great communicator, why not use that in your favor?
A lot of people are completely frozen right now.
Can you teach them how to win at video calls? Or can you teach them phrases in a different language? Design a website for them?

Money is coming your way

It might not be what you usually offer and what you’re most comfortable with. It might not even be the core of your business. But that does not mean that people don’t need it. People need help and it feels good to be able to assist with that. (I do a lot of pro bono work right now – so it’s a combination of being a helpful friend and earning my daily bread.)

You should not feel bad for charging someone for your time, however. If you’re offering things for payment, you also have to charge for your goods or services. You can also help people with payment plans and can help them stagger how they pay you – so it’s not so rough in these uncertain times.

There you have it: money is still coming your way. You just have to think about it –  really think about it.
I have tons of ideas for you if you want them but this is not about quitting.
It’s about restructuring. This is not about stopping.
It’s about pacing, maybe slowing things down a bit, and then when it all comes back,
I promise you – I promise you it will be better than ever.

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