December 14, 2020 Jo

My Business is Failing Because of the Pandemic – How Do I Stay Sane?

It’s half-way through December and people are getting ready for the Holidays. They are decorating their homes, wrapping presents and writing cards to loved ones. But some find it hard to stay merry and cheerful. When your business is failing, the joy of the season is replaced by worry.

So how do you stay sane when the business you’ve worked so hard to build up is collapsing at your feet?

The first thing I would do is just make sure that you create a delineation between your personality, your identity
and your business. Sometimes we get so invested. We don’t see where the one starts and one ends. That’s what happens when you pour your whole soul into something you believe in.



You will be fine

But once you can see what belongs to the business and what belongs to you, you begin to see that it’s
what you DO; your business activities, that is all in the business. But who you ARE is you personally and who you are personally did not go bankrupt, did not go belly-up.

You’re here. You’re still here, in your life. You will be fine. You – who you are, will be fine.

The business is not, but you will be. As long as you’re intact and can create a new business,
it will all be OK.

And what isn’t you – your business – might not be fine. But that’s OK too but that’s how you deal with the failure.
Tons of really successful people have been bankrupt at one point or another and it could be a good time to pick up a book or two to see who they are.

Think & Grow Rich is one of them that you can read and see for yourself – so that you know you’re in good company and that does not mean that you’re doomed to failure forever.

It’s not how you fall. It’s how you land.