December 3, 2020 Jo

How I Create Life-Long Clients in Three Steps

How do you create life-long clients? This is one of my favorite things to do! I want to say that most of my customers over a span of 30 years have returned to me in intervals. I first met them as fresh-faced newbies and have seen them grow and develop into striking powerhouses. They still come back to me when they need to and we deal with things that are happening in their lives and careers now.

I think these “lifers” come back to me for a few reasons.


 1. I care for real

I profoundly recognize that if I have had the privilege to touch someone’s life through coaching or guidance, I also get that gift from them of listening,  caring and trusting – trust is such a gift and so they place their trust in me which for me creates an irretrievable bond.  When I’ve worked with someone they are forever lodged in my heart. The bond we’ve formed will not end when our contract runs out. I will forever care about how it goes for them and I will always to know that they’re doing well. I always make myself available to help them if they should need it and I think that shows and that people can feel it. It shows up in my words.


2. I keep developing and educating myself

Always adapt to new climates. I make sure to be an expert in my field because you cannot rely on old knowledge or old ways of doing things.  You need to always be up to speed and that way when those long-term clients come back, you meet them in this new phase they’re in, with a new skill set, with new tools to give them.


3.  I recognize that it is a collaboration

A teacher, a coach, a mentor is only as good as the largeness of the ears they’re speaking into. There’s an inherent agreement that I will provide something. I will guide you in some way, but the coachee also inherently promises that they will listen, learn and act. So it’s just not a one-way street.
It’s a collaboration and it’s a privilege. Knowing it’s a privilege is another way you create lifelong clients.