November 16, 2020 Jo

Stay in Your Lane!

Why You Need a Team

When starting out a business, it is easy to get stuck trying to do it all: You want to be able to focus on your service but you are forced to learn all about social media, marketing strategies, web design, tech, the whole circus. Technology and means of communication are always developing and changing and it would make anyone dizzy trying to stay on top of it all.

When I first heard the expression “Stay in your lane” I thought it sounded a bit flippant. What, am I meant to be doing what I’ve always done and never attempt anything new? Well, when you want your business to succeed you really do need to “stay in your lane”. It’s all about delegating each task to the right person.

When you spend hours researching how to build an attractive website, you could be focusing on developing and improving your service. Your calling was never to code, but to do this one thing you’re actually making money from.

So what do you do?
You get yourself a team!

A Team Will Be a Complement to Your Weaknesses

“Alone makes you strong” is an old myth that doesn’t even make sense. Imagine an early human from a hunter-gatherer tribe going off on her own, trying to survive solo. She’d pick berries all day and die from malnutrition. Not the fate you want for your career, right?

Until you can afford to pay a full team of helpers, surround yourself with people who complete you. It could be an informal team made up of friends, family and interns. If you hate asking people for help, remember, life is giving and taking. Surely, you have friends who are in need of your expertise and whom you can help in return?

Work out why someone would benefit from helping you out and make it work for them. Learn how to make requests beautifully (I will delve deeper into this one at a later date) and you will see that people are often willing to lend a helping hand.