October 19, 2020 Jo

How to Deal With Worries About Your Livelihood

Most people I speak to suffer from the same illness right now. And it has started to take over. 

We are currently experiencing a pandemic of fear. People all around the globe are fearing the outcome of this year, making themselves sick of worry for the future. So much is at risk: our businesses, jobs, livelihood. 

But how much of the fear is rational, and how much of it is helpful? That is what I want you to ask yourself. Worry has the power to invade your body like a demon. When you wake up every morning in a rush and think “What am I gonna do about my business” or “What will happen with my livelihood?” “Will I be able to pay the bills?”

Sometimes, these feelings can do us more harm than the actual situation.

So I want to talk about how to deal with these demons. 


You Just Have to Catch It

Self-care, in its purest, most authentic form, is not about spa trips or essential oils. It’s allowing yourself to be proud and grateful for the things that are working in your favour right now. To be able to catch one worry at the time, ask yourself what needs to be done and schedule a time to deal with it. Maybe you need to talk to your book-keeper, your coach, a friend you trust. Decide what needs to happen as a first step. Then you can let the feelings of angst pass like a cloud. 

Then you want to think, what is working? In all likelihood, you are doing fine. You’re just worried. I have touched upon this before, but there’s always something that’s working. Everything might not be working, but some things are.

Are people banging on your door to pay for your services right now? Maybe not. But are you keeping your head above water? You probably are, even if you don’t feel like it.

Most of us are in the same storm right now. Maybe not the same boat, but the same storm for sure. The comforting thing about storms is, they don’t tend to last that long!


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