October 5, 2020 Jo

Job Interview Secrets and Hacks

What’s more intimidating than a job interview? Especially when you know you lack something they might be looking for, like the education, certification or experience.

Whether you are being interviewed as an employee or talking to a would-be client, wanting to land a contract, that one thing that works against you can be such a stressful factor.

But there is no need to worry! There are always ways around it.

First off: You should never lie at a job interview, or when talking to a lead. But you also shouldn’t focus on the skills you lack. You need to downplay it. Instead, you want to highlight what you’re really good at. Demonstrate how you fit the role, bring up solid examples and don’t be afraid to sell yourself while remaining humble (interviewers see right through over-selling).

The Traits of a Great Leader

What you must remember is that they called you into the interview for a reason. They have an interest in you, and what they’re interested in you about, what it is that they called you in for. That is what you need to highlight. Don’t steer yourself blind on what you don’t know!

In other words:

“I don’t know that piece, but I have a really vast network that does know … “

You see, it’s said that the mark of a great leader is someone who surrounds themselves with people who fill in the gaps of what they don’t know. A great leader has experts around them. They have the ability to attract great people with the specific knowledge that they lack.

When we get stressed out or feel insecure, we tend to focus on the bad stuff instead of our potential. After all, companies don’t just hire people based on their skills, but their motivation and fit at the workplace. A client might decide to hire you if the personal chemistry is right. Never write yourself off too early!

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