September 21, 2020 Jo

How Do I Deal With Competition? This Way!

Let’s talk about generosity! It is easy to be generous with our friends, but what about our competitors? Giving them a helping hand might actually benefit you financially. Curious to know how? Read on!

When you’ve worked hard to reach a position, it is normal to want to hold on to it, protect it, even hoard it. After all, you have gone through fire and ice to get where you are. Perhaps you did it all on your own, without help and you might be wondering: Why should my competitor get where I am for free?

Now, you might have experienced this: Someone working in the same field as you, someone talented and hungry, reaching out to you and hoping that you will give them a helping hand.

Your first reaction might be to shun them, let them work it out by themself. Why should you help the competition? They’ll only steal your opportunities, right?


If you get a chance to offer a competitor an “in” to the company where you work, do it! If you can recommend somebody, or give insider tips to someone, don’t hold back! This will actually be in your best interest. Because anybody that you may consider a rival or in a position to take your job is better off working as your partner.


Two Competitors – An Unlikely Friendship

Here’s a little story I want to share with you: Two people, a man and a woman, worked for two very similar businesses. Their jobs were to buy DVDs for online video services, the type where you post someone a DVD in the mail. The two were fierce competitors. When the business the woman worked for crashed, she was invited to the other company by her male competitor. The business grew and prospered and if you haven’t heard of it today, you are surely living under a rock! Because the man and the woman are Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos and original content VP Cindy Holland.

A partnership will bring more potential, more clients and ultimately, more money. This is what mergers are all about: When rivals realize that they’re stronger together they join forces, have double the clout, double the economy, double the workforce. 

And that’s how you want to think of it. Forget about feeling threatened or intimidated. Put your ego aside and embrace all that comes with cooperating with someone. Karma will work its ways.


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