September 14, 2020 Jo

Prove Your Worth Using These Tactics

Most of the coaching I am doing right now is helping people pivot their business from being a physical entity to online. In times like these, we have to go digital to close deals, connect with customers,  increase sales or to get our product or service out there. And that is a big leap for a lot of people! But given that this is what I’ve done my whole career, I feel I’m equipped to help!

The product or service that you sell will have to prove its worth regardless of if you can meet the client/customer in person or not. When meeting with prospects online you will have to communicate clearly why you are equipped to help them. Here is a list of things to keep in mind:

The President Test
Let’s do a similarity between when we vote for president in the United States. You do not vote for the person that could make a good president. You vote for the person who already seems like a president, who’s already presidential.  You’re not waiting for them to grow into it. This is why sometimes when you see a presidential candidate who’s on the campaign trail, they shake hands like a president or they say ¨when¨ I’m in the White House instead of ¨if¨ I’m going to be in the White House – just to assume the role already.

Demonstrate your success
When you need to sell your skills just by and through a screen or phone line, people don’t want to know what you’re GOING to do. People don’t want to know about great ideas or hear what you hope to do in the future. They don’t want to see you through your growth curve or fund your education. People want to know what you’ve already done and what you’re already capable of. Make sure to showcase your testimonials and let others’ praise of you do the talking.

The best way to demonstrate your value? Numbers. Everyone loves numbers. Get used to using these phrases:

“My…translated into this much revenue.”

“I had someone sell the company for this much money.”

“I was able to take someone from A to B” 


 “my product saved this much money.”

Be visual
Any restaurant owner will tell you that birds and their dirty protests are the banes of their business. No one wants to sit at a table full of white bird excrement, right? Ew. So my neighbor invented a product that prevents birds from pooping everywhere, thus spinning pure gold, if you ask anyone working in hospitality.
Her product is very specific: “No bird poop on chairs or tables”. It just doesn’t leave anyone guessing.
Even here, numbers should be used to demonstrate success:
“If you have 30 tables in a night and ten parties turn around at the door when they see dirty tables” then you can calculate and demonstrate how much money the business can make by using the product.