August 10, 2020 Jo

At What Point in My Career Should I Start a Family?

When you reach the autumn of life, what do you want to see, scrolling through your old photo albums? The woman who followed her passion and worked hard for every bit of success? The new mother in a hospital bed, kissing her baby’s head for the first time? The grandmother hugging her oldest grandchild on their graduation day? Or do you want to see the woman who had it all?

Men have it all, so why shouldn’t you? 

But hold on, you say. Surely it’s not that easy! How will starting a family impact my career? Will it affect my ability to perform? How will I know when the timing is right? Can I have a baby, go back to my business and not only keep the ship afloat, but continue to excel? 

Did you know that women actually become more productive when they have children? The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis published a study in 2014 disproving the myth that moms are less productive at work. In fact, when Olay Total Effects conducted a survey, they found that mothers between the ages 35 to 44 with three or more children, are the champions of multi-tasking. 

My clock is ticking, you think. If I don’t take that step soon, will I forever put off my chances of having children? How can I be the woman who has it all?

No magic mirror on the wall will tell you how, or when you should take the step from the office into parenthood. The question needs a lot of consideration, soul searching and a healthy dose of research. If you’re an employee, find out what your options about parental leave and returning to work are. If you are self-employed or running your own business there are even more things to consider. Although it’s more flexible than being employed, you might have to take bigger risks and consider how much time you are likely to be away from your business.

Every parenthood and every career is unique, and the decision is ultimately down to you. Whatever your choices, make sure you are surrounded by people who can support you, guide you and hold you hand each step of the way. Your partner, a close friend or a relative. 

Your time on Earth matters. When you are old and your head is full of silver hairs, you deserve to look back and know that you did not miss out on what really mattered. 

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