June 29, 2020 Jo

You Are NOT Too Old to Reach Your Goals

When you look into the mirror, who do you see? Do you see the same woman who stood there ten years ago, or fifteen? Is she the person she was before she had kids?

We live in a society that values and praises youth, especially when it comes to women. Ageism is out there and it can make it difficult for you to accept that your body has gone through changes. Wrinkles will appear, hairs will go grey. Perhaps your postpartum body has left you insecure about how it looks and works. Maybe you feel more tired after a long day’s work, or after spending time with your family. 

With age comes not only wisdom and experience; unfortunately, for most of us, age can come with self doubt as well. Some shocking studies find that women’s self-esteem take a dip after having children, and again at 45. Questions like “Am I too old to do another degree” or “is it too late to go after my dream” might have popped into your head and gotten in the way between you and your goals. 

When you look at yourself with critical eyes, it is easy to bypass the person who made it all happen, she who started the journey that took you to where you are today. 

So I want you to think about your best friend. The one who has stood by you the longest, the one who knows how you take your coffee, what shade of lipstick you wear. And I want you to ask her to describe you. You will find that she doesn’t see your grey hairs or wrinkles and she doesn’t think that you have become slow, boring, irrelevant or any of the other mean things you might tell yourself. 

You need to be your own best friend when envisioning your future. To see your true potential you must find a new way of looking at yourself. While there are no easy fixes or a one-fits-all solutions, taking on new challenges and discovering that you’ve still got it can do wonders for your self-esteem. You just have to take that first step of putting yourself forward, to make the application or to accept the new job offer/promotion. 

My mother once told me that women only get better with age. I actually have a list with people who have done amazing things at certain ages. Want to have a look at it? Let me know, comment below!