June 15, 2020 Jo

I Can’t Find the Motivation to Work on My Business – What Do I Do?

Success requires skill, hard work and motivation – and motivation is a bitch. It can be incredibly daunting to read the news about the shrinking economy, or to stay focused on your purpose when the world is – to say the least – a bit bonkers right now.

If you struggle with motivation to work on your business, I totally get you. Many of my clients are complaining about this particular issue right now. But any artist would tell you that if they were waiting for The Muse to visit, they would never produce any art. Because motivation and inspiration won’t come to you, it won’t run towards you with its arms open like a lady in love on a blooming field. You have to go out and find it. And you’d be surprised at how accessible inspiration can be, once you’ve learned to look in the right places. 

So I want you to do the following: Take out a notebook and pen and then ask yourself: Where do I go for inspiration? Take your time to figure this out. 

I have an “inspo”  file where I toss quotes, memories, book titles, things that reliably will inspire me. It’s my go-to place when I need to feel that rush of motivation, and be reminded of my purpose. A source of inspiration can be anything. Some people exercise to feel that rush, others have a special friend or group of friends that always leave them feeling recharged and their motivation rekindled. 

A dear friend of mine once told me about her go-to place; it was a trunk in her mothers’ attic, containing photographs, letters and her grandmother’s diary, detailing the story of how she came to America. In her early 20’s, the grandmother had gone through more than most of us have to deal with in a life-time; fleeing oppression, hiding in fear, overcoming hunger and finally making it across the pond where she met the love of her life. Those letters and photographs are my friend’s eternal source of inspiration and a daily reminder of her purpose. But it does not have to go that deep – walking in a beautiful park or reading a book by one of your heroes can be enough for some. 

It is also important to take breaks! Power walks in the sun are like palate cleansers for the brain. Apart from autobiographies and tell-alls by inspirational people I look up to, I do find that reading fiction can be an unexpected source of inspiration. Literary works of art have the ability to teach you a thing or two about life, and how to see things from a new perspective. Beach reads and commercial fiction, on the other hand, lets your brain rest from the stress of everyday life, and can often provide you with a laugh or too.

You’re not always going to feel motivated or inspired to give your business the love and attention it needs, but you do need to find that one thing that works for you. So write down the places or one place that you can go to for inspiration. Tear the paper from your notebook, fold it and keep it in your wallet. Or better yet, stick it on the fridge! The idea is to remove the worry that you may not be inspired or may not be able to find inspiration to go about your business. Now you know you will.



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