May 25, 2020 Jo

You Were Not Prepared – This Is How You Deal With It

There once was a business owner who possessed magical powers: She could predict the future with the help of a crystal ball. In the fall of 2019 she predicted the Coronavirus pandemic, and made all the right decisions on the spot. Isn’t it amazing how anything is possible when you lie?

Because that business owner is pulling her hair out right now, asking herself why she wasn’t better prepared and maybe so are you. We live in the real world, after all, without crystal balls and magical spells. So, you didn’t predict the pandemic and you weren’t prepared for the economy to crumble. It’s OK, who can blame you?

The feeling that you did something wrong might still linger in your chest. Disappointment is just one of the many feelings we are struggling with right now. Maybe you were just about to expand your business or launch a new venture, or things were going the way you wanted them to, then the brown stuff hit the fan and now we’re all swimming in a sea of it.

However bad you feel right now, remember this: You may have to slow down this year, but you do not have to quit. Slowing down will allow you to reflect on decisions, and thus dodge mistakes you would have made in busier times. 

You may also be struggling with the prospect of fewer clients/customers. But you need to remember that they are not cancelling on YOU. They are not even talking to YOU. They are talking to themselves in their own heads about how to mitigate this disaster. A client reminded me yesterday of one of the truths in Miguel-Ruiz Four Agreements:  “Don’t take anything personally. Nothing they think about you is really about you. Others see the world with different eyes. Everyone’s truth is their own. People are dealing with their own issues. And when we become immune to the actions of others, our hearts can open up, allowing us to be vulnerable and open to love.”

Another problem many of us are struggling with right now is the feeling of indecisiveness. This is a very common response to anxiety. Scientists at University of Pittsburgh have found that anxiety disrupts good decision-making by reducing the brain’s capacity to screen out distractions, physical and mental. You are not being lousy at your job, and you are not losing it: this is just how our brains work.

If you feel frozen and unable to decide on what to do next, know this: What you can talk about, you can heal. This is not personal, so there’s no shame in talking about anything that comes up around it.

The struggle with accepting that things will never be the same again after Covid-19 is real. So is the feeling that it shouldn’t have happened or gone down this way. But it did. And here we are. And so, let yourself express everything you have to say about it so it doesn’t fester inside and bring you down.


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