May 18, 2020 Aaron

It shouldn’t be this way; the way things are right now – how can I move into acceptance about it?

“2020 was meant to be my year,” I hear Gemma express on the other end of the line. “I went into the new decade with such high hopes, eager for the fresh start and now…” her voice trails off, there is a pause and then a sight. “And now I’m aimlessly wandering around the woods, lost and without a compass.”

She is frustrated, she is scared and she is angry. But above all, she is lost. And who can blame her? Gemma isn’t alone in having all her hopes and dreams for 2020 crushed. She, like many of my clients, was just about to embark on a fabulous adventure with her business. This was going to be the year. She had plans, goals and great expectations. The roaring twenties were back! Then the world stopped turning. 

I work with people who are just about to graduate. I work with people who had just hired new staff before the pandemic hit. Furthermore, I work with clients who had just taken on renting a new and bigger space for their business, and clients who were about to get married and now will have to cancel their whole wedding. All of whom are now wandering lost in a dark forest. Some are angry, some are sad, some are numb, some are frozen, all are thinking: “It shouldn’t be this way,  how can I move into acceptance about it?”

I’ve been urging you to over-communicate. I think that’s what’s needed right now, and therefore you’re hearing a lot more from me as well. I think we all have more to say than we even know. The words are swarming in our heads, the anxiety is pounding in our chests, but the surreality of the situation complicates formulating our own thoughts and feelings.

Gemma’s voice is close to breaking and I tell her: “Let it all out, I am here. Talk about the weather, the curve of your eyebrow, the funny sounds your house makes. Just talk and talk until your thoughts are structured and your mind is clear. Tell me about that forest you’re in. What does it smell like?”
And after a stream of consciousness is released in Gemma she exclaims: “I just feel that it wasn’t meant to happen this way! This was not meant to happen!” To which I reply: “But what if it was…? For you to slow down, re-evaluate and think about where you’re heading?”

Does everything happen for a reason? Has everything life throws at you got a purpose? It might not always feel that way. So you must invent one. Whether it’s redirection, a lesson learned, or just a well-needed break. Any purpose, as long as it’s worthy of getting you up in the morning. 


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