May 27, 2019 Johannasawalha

Want to know the secret to abundance?

If so, you have to go on this ride with me. You can do it right now. As you read this letter, keep checking in with yourself – after each paragraph – if you’re still open.

Like, ¨am I still open to that this is possible in my life …? in my career …? with my money …? Thoughts along the lines of, ¨well that’s not going to happen …! ¨ creep in way more often than you think. We’re way too quick to shut down to what’s possible!

So – can you stay open?

That IS the secret to an abundant life. Can you stay in abundance thinking? Can you shoot down the ¨nay-saying¨ in your head? Can you choose the thought that feels better …?

What if you could…

Make the big money and do the things you always wanted to do?
Never work a ¨job¨ again? (but if you were, you’d have a stake in that business – which makes it part yours …!)
Run your own business – easily and smoothly …?
Attract your ideal clients – also easily and smoothly …?
Confidently take big actions each week in your business instead of acting out of fear …?
Be excited to wake up every morning instead of snapping into catch-up mode?
Get rid of procrastination and become the doer you always wanted to be?
Become really great at sales … actually enjoying it?
No longer set goals you already know that you won’t meet?
Get freed up from any fear and confusion that’s currently stopping you?
Being done with ¨overwhelm¨ forever?
Being able to shop for what you want and not worry about it?
Spend more quality time with the special people in your life, making memories with them?
Checking … are you still open :)? You with me still? Here’s the next step. There’s an abundance of fun things coming up on our calendar over here. Go through the list of them below. Pick ONE to participate in. The one that tickles you the most. The others will be there for you later. Pick 1 for now – and let me know which one. So many goodies to choose from!

1.    My friend Ben’s free online series ¨Side Hustle to Freedom¨ – on just that – how to move off working a ¨job¨ or a ¨9-5¨! It’s launching Sat June 1st. As one of his experts, I share some of my tricks, and I’ll send you a separate email more information on that …

2.    The interview on the Soul Nectar show also airs this weekend! Kerri and I deep dive into a discussion about what we can do to elevate ourselves and the planet. What she also wanted to know from me, and what she then called the show was, how to ¨Deal with Your Inner Climate¨.

3.    A live stream treat’s coming up for you – ¨Make Over Magic¨, Tue June 4th, 2.00 – 4.00 PM ET. Branding expert Jasper Dayton, owner of BrandWorx, and I, talk about how you can make over your brand to have it be fresh and more incoming producing than before. Stay tuned for more on this live stream, or get on the list if you want to secure your spot. We will work live the participants, so we will limit the seats available.

Remember our game – let me know which one you picked:

¨I’m coming off the sidelines to participate! The 1 thing I picked was …¨

Love always,


PS. Lastly, if you can’t decide on any of the above, feedback on which one would suit you best may be what you need! Also, if you’ve been interested in private mentorship with me to advance your career or current endeavor, let’s talk!

… so, what are you waiting for :)? click here and let’s assess what needs a shift in your career or overall plan – to open up the abundance that’s waiting for you!





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