Want to know how I did it?

Want to know how I’ve stayed in business for more than 25 years? Doing what I love? Owning my own time? Scheduling my work around the super important things in life? Seeing my kids’ performances? Being there for them when they need me? All the while making more than double than high-earning company executives make?

If you want to know how I did it, come on Wednesday’s Facebook Live at 9.00 AM ET where I’m teaching you how – so you can do it too. Trust me, if I can could do it, so can you …! I do not possess some special talent.

There are however key things that have made it all work, in my opinion:

> A genuine passion for coaching and helping people – but only after digging deep to find what would motivate me to get up and work for an entire lifetime! You are limping if you’re only half-liking what you do. You want to find what feels like an extension of you – like another limb …

> Being curious about personal evolution – not only my clients’ but my own as well. Also, always asking clients and being on the look-out for the things that will help them the best, delivering a service they truly WANT and NEED …!

> Sharing stories of past successes from clients, such as Jeramy being at a crossroads in his business life and saying, ¨your words have been invaluable to the choices I’m making right now,¨ or James saying ¨since starting my coaching with Jo, I have taken my business from $500,000 p/a in revenue to over $3,000,000 and climbing. Was it worth it? You bet. ¨

> Giving opportunities to connect through live Q&A – such as the upcoming Facebook Live on Wednesday. And offering a totally free coaching session, no strings attached.

There are more, but these are the top reasons that come to mind, for why I’ve done well and continue to do so.

So – would you like a rundown of how I did it? And workshop your current issue that’s keeping you stuck? Apply to be let in (Wednesday’s Facebook Live takes place in a closed group) – and then come onto this live Q&A on Wednesday at 9.00 AM ET! 


PS. To increase your chances of having your particular current issue workshopped, shoot an email beforehand to describe exactly what you’re dealing with!!

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