Do You Have Any Of These 5 Money Troubles?


Seriously, do you have any of these five money troubles?

  1. You don’t see a path to making more money in your current situation …
  2. More money seems to be going out than coming in …
  3. When you invest in your business, the large one-time amount takes such a CHUNK out of your income, you wonder if it’s worth it …
  4. You work so hard all month, and after bill paying time, it’s all gone and you feel you have nothing to show for it …
  5. You’re not even sure where all the money is GOING!

I promised you’d get a taste of the curriculum I’m offering in the upcoming pilot, so here goes – these are some things I’ll teach a ton on but that you can grab right now and run with! :

Identify what works the best in your business and do more of that. I’m not kidding. Do NOT diversify. This is not your stock portfolio. This IS the time to stick all your eggs in one basket!

Stick with your ICA (Ideal Customer Avatar). Do not veer. You don’t need THAT many of your perfect type of client. In other words, don’t sell diapers to people without babies. Stick to your target market and you’ll do well.

Do NOT be afraid of investing in your business with new tech solutions and know-how. Yes, it DOES feel like a lot of money’s going out, but you must look at what comes in, in return. Whenever I optimize my processes or learn how to do something better from someone that knows more than me, my company revenue goes up.

I hope that got you thinking good 🙂


Coach Jo!

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