September 13, 2018 Johannasawalha

Tip of the Day To Look Good, Feel Good!  – Use LookBooks


Feeling beautiful and looking good doesn’t have to break your budget or replace paying the mortgage! If you know which things help you feel most beautiful, you’ll know where to prioritize an extra dollar or two. We have to work both ways – inside-out and outside in. The inside job to learn to love yourself is the long term game. Sometimes instead, just sprucing up your appearance will immediately affect how you feel on the inside!

If you know that for you, having a great make-up job is what matters most to feel beautiful, then that’s where you’ll want to spend your beauty resources. Sign up for newsletters from your favorite beauty stores and brands so you can catch when your favorite products are on sale. Funny tid bit – do you know that in a recession, the beauty product that sells the most is – lipstick. Why? Because it’s a sure fire way to feel and look glamourous when times are sparse!

Maybe you’re less into makeup, but your hair matters a great deal to you. If so, budget out a few extra dollars a week to save up for getting your hair touched up every so often. You might need to sacrifice a meal or two of eating out, but you’ll thank yourself when your hair is freshly cut and dyed!

And if you’re into fashion, be creative in where you spend your dollars. Not only are there great second-hand stores in most cities, there are even online thrift shops! Sites like ThredUp or Swap make buying high-quality or designer clothes affordable. If you only like new clothes, sign up to get emails from your favorite brands so you know when they have deals going on.

Another favorite of mine is to use LookBooks to put together my outfits so I feel I’m, if not trendy, in fashion and on my game. I mostly use ShopBop.  More often than not, I’ll find the items needed for the ¨look¨ in my wardrobe already. Maybe I only need to complement with one or two things that I buy. Again, budgeting out even a few dollars a week will add up and you can spoil yourself with a new shirt or pair of shoes every now and again!

I don’t want to make it sound like I believe that fashion = happiness. Fashion doesn’t = happiness, just like skinny doesn’t = beautiful. The purpose of this post is to give friendly, inexpensive ideas on how to look good and consequently feel good.  Body image is an aspect of self-esteem, which is the overall feeling you have about yourself as a person.

If we get caught in a rut where we never feel beautiful, pretty, handsome or worthy of attention and love, we will treat ourselves like we aren’t beautiful, pretty, handsome or worthy of attention and love.

Even small, inexpensive changes like wearing mascara, putting on a nice shirt, or styling your hair nicely can give a positive boost to your self-esteem.

You are beautiful regardless of what you wear, but sometimes it’s fun to wear something that makes you feel beautiful!


  1. On tomorrow’s iFix Friday Facebook Live I’ll address – How Being Vain Serves You! Because do you ever feel presumptuous when you focus on your beauty, or that there are many prios that go before it? Send in any conundrum you experience around investing in your exterior and I’ll address it!

PSS. Not only is it OUR own self-image and esteem we need to care for – but those of our children! For those of you who didn’t catch my interview on the Raising Healthy Kids Summit – here’s the link.  I talk about raising kids to be happy and free The summit is coming to a close soon. Th interviews will be available to watch for a short time more and can then be purchased after (at $67).  The Free Gifts and Special Offers are only available until the replay period is over, so go gettem’ :)!





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