September 4, 2018 Johannasawalha

Craving a Deeper Relationship With Yourself And Others?  

Theme of the week? Relationships & communication. New research reveals relationships = ALL about communication. And the QUALITY of your communication (research report from Time Mag).

  • Do you wake up wanting more out of life – more joy, more purpose, more energy – but your self-doubt creeps in and stops you in your tracks?
  • Do you believe that the challenges you’ve been facing have a deeper meaning?
  • Do you feel your conversations with others stop short of what they could be?

Then THIS is the Master Class you not only want but NEED! This is ALL about your relationship to yourself, which then extends to others.

                                      One of my very best friends and I – it’s deep

Join me for a FREE Master Class on Spiritual Awakening: How to Transform Your Self-Doubt, Reveal Your Deepest Gifts and Connect Deeper With Your Own Soul and Others’!

Click HERE to reserve your spot!

I am one of the teachers for this free online event – a class you can attend wherever you are!

I will be joining Lindsey Fitzgibbons, a Depth Hypnosis Practitioner and Shamanic healer, who has organized this free event with over 20 experts to speak on the subject of spiritual awakening and how you can lead a more conscious and integrated life!

It starts September 17 and you can reserve your spot here:


This is a true masterclass where you’ll be part of a community of experts and others on a spiritual journey.Join us for this series of powerful conversations with expert healers, teachers, therapists, storytellers and many more!

Through these interviews you will:

  • be supported as you understand and integrate your own spiritual awakening experience
  • experience classes taught by experts to help you access your gifts
  • connect with yourself, and therefore others – so you can make positive change in the world

If you feel called to connect more deeply with your inner wisdom, if you know you have beautiful gifts you want to share, or if you want to connect with your purpose but you are not sure how to do it then you are in the right place!

In this class you will learn meditations and processes that can help you live a more conscious and connected life!


So please join me and over 20 other experts in this Spiritual Awakening Master Class!

                                            My youngest son and I  – connecting

PSS. Also, to participate in the discussion of how relationships deepen due to the quality of the communication, join the Facebook Live tomorrow Wed at 8.00 AM!​​​​​​P.S. If you want to feel more deeply connected in your life, then sign up HERE for the Spiritual Awakening Master Class now! Look out for my interview in the first week of the show, so between Sept 17th – 23rd!​​​​​​​

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