July 2, 2018 Johannasawalha

Before I go on vacation tomorrow, we need to talk

You know, I thought to write you this when I saw one of my friends and followers online share one of my latest videos and write a thoughtful comment on it (thank you Dr. Katharine Kay McMillan). And I thought, ¨why doesn’t everybody who sees this comment…? ¨ I know you see it. Stats don’t lie.

Wherefore do you not comment then…? I’ve had some of you tell me that you love my blog, posts, videos and follow me religiously. But. You. Never. Engage. ¨Likes¨ don’t count. They’re too easy and they don’t convey what you really think. So – the e reason I need to talk to you about this is two-fold:

  1. I research and prep for my posts as a service and a thank you to those who care, and those I work with. Trust me, there are no payments coming my way from my posts. It takes time, work and effort. I do it because I care. If I speak into a silent, dark space I’m not feeling the love back. The love that you have told me you have for me.
  2. This is not television. Don’t be a passive ¨taker-inner¨. A sign of leadership is you show up, you be present, and you participate. I recycle this lesson with my kids often. They don’t have to score, they don’t even have to play to win, but they do have to participate. And not half-assed. Fully.
  3. The way you participate online is the way you participate everywhere. You’re either on the side lines, observing, or you’re in the game – playing. Where else do you let life take its course without you? Where else do you assume someone else’s ¨got it¨? So you don’t have to?

I try to always assume it’s me someone’s talking to. I may make the choice not to pursue a certain cause or conversation, but it’s an active choice and I can speak to it. Speak to why I make the choices I make. No one will be left uncertain where I stand. Either way, I participate. Even when I don’t feel like participating, I participate.

I remember anxious moments as a kid, when I chose to sit out. Because I felt too much performance pressure, and I was too afraid to fail. All my failures in life though, have taught me it is SO much more fun to participate and fail, than to not try at all.

Bottom line? Engage, participate, do NOT hold back your contribution. You could be making someone day today. Like mine.


Coach Jo

Frolicking and participating with my kids this past weekend!

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