June 27, 2018 Johannasawalha

6-Min Ditty on How to Get Over Hurt Pride

I used to get SO hurt. And the wrong people (for me) knew EXACTLY how to get me. Because I was so gettable! I would churn on someone’s dig or negative comment for days. Have you ever felt this way? Sleepless over something that you know you took personally – but can’t get over?

I recorded this little piece for you this AM. Hope it helps…xoxo, Coach Jo

6-Min Ditty on How to Get Over Hurt Pride

  1. Hurt people hurt others
  2. Make yourself impervious to emotional assault
  3. Seek the feel-good
  4. It takes two
  5. The Buddhist practice of ¨tonglen¨
  6. Meditation and reflection

PS. If you have an emotional space that you CANNOT seem to get out of, call me. I extend a free 30-min call to anyone who calls me for the first time.



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