June 21, 2018 Johannasawalha

Can I ask you a vulnerable question? About money?

Dear you….

Do you feel your upbringing prevents you from creating money today? Here’s why I’m asking you this, because until I start working on it, it totally did for me. 

During my formative years, my mother was a single mom with me. Her favorite joke was, ¨We’re having your favorite dinner tonight! ¨ I answered, ¨on no – blood pudding! Not again! ¨

Blood pudding was cheap, nutritious (lots of iron), and frankly, what my mother could afford at the time. So, I get this.

When I lived with this story still intact, without a lot of money, I was giving away my power EVERYWHERE. It affected my self-worth, I would self-sabotage without knowing I was. My “ah-a!” moment came 1) got a mentor 2) saw my community make money and not having an issue with it. I was done! Why not me as well? Why couldn’t I also get what I was worth? Both get it for myself as well getting monetarily rewarded for my efforts.

I would no longer play victim in my life.  I took my power back and that is when wealth starting flow back to me.

If you find yourself struggling with money, you’re still stuck in a money mindset you inherited. It’s not yours and you can transform it. Guaranteed.

I know you want to live free from money worry.  I can help you get your power back, so your money starts flowing back to you.

If that would bring you relief, then book your call HERE and my team and I will call you to create your money relief plan.

Much love,

P.S. Our spots do fill up quickly, especially at this time of year.  I want to make sure to fit you in so book your call HERE, so we can get your money flowing and your power flowing back to YOU!

If none of these times work for you, just let us know by hitting reply and we’ll work with you to fit you in.

Xoxo – Jo

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